CEMS Projects

National Science Foundation funded:
NOYCE Owls Teach Program

CT State Department of Education funded:  
Institute for Real World Education and Curriculum Advancement (IRWECA)

Current Projects

Overview of Recent Faculty Research Activity

  • Improving learning outcomes in physics courses K-G
  • Benthic intertidal and subtidal ecology
  • High resolution imaging techniques for astronomy
  • Consequences of anthropogenic heavy metals on sediments and living marine organisms
  • Motivation among mathematics students; gender differences in mathematics
  • Conceptual change teaching in the sciences
  • Effectiveness of online learning management system in mathematics classes
  • Computer modeling of visual image perception
  • Application of combinatorics and graph theory to problems in computational geometry
  • Interactive multimedia applied to visual learning
  • Localization and function of G1 Cyclin - Cln2
  • Spectroscopy of ultraviolet radiation effects on inorganic and biological materials.
  • Preclinical assessment of plant phytochemicals  for cancer therapeutic and preventive properties
  • Development of new methodology for the functionalization
    and elaboration of indoles.

Overview of Recent Student Projects

  • Geometry Projects in an Honors Option Program, a School Rejects Homogeneous Ability Grouping
  • Sediment Metal Contamination in the Thames River and New London Harbor
  • Synthesis of Carboxylate Substituted Tetraarylolefin Derivatives as Ligands for MOF Synthesis.
  • The Effects of Epibiota on the Attachment Strength of the Blue Mussel Mytilus edulis
  • Using Assessment and Evaluation to Improve Instruction
  • Self-Reported Methods of Mathematics Curriculum Selection in Home-Schooling Families
  • The Synthesis and Solid State Characterization of Platinum Nanoparticles Encapsulated by Dithiolate Containing MNY Polymers
  • The G:T Ratio of the Intertidal Chondrus crispus in Long Island Sound.