CEMS Projects

National Science Foundation funded

NOYCE Owls Teach Program

CT State Department of Education funded

Institute for Real World Education and Curriculum Advancement (IRWECA)

Additional Projects

Teacher Professional Development (PD)

Overview of Recent Faculty Research Activity

  • Improving learning outcomes in physics courses K-G
  • Benthic intertidal and subtidal ecology
  • High resolution imaging techniques for astronomy
  • Consequences of anthropogenic heavy metals on sediments and living marine organisms
  • Motivation among mathematics students; gender differences in mathematics
  • Conceptual change teaching in the sciences
  • Effectiveness of online learning management system in mathematics classes
  • Computer modeling of visual image perception
  • Application of combinatorics and graph theory to problems in computational geometry
  • Interactive multimedia applied to visual learning
  • Localization and function of G1 Cyclin - Cln2
  • Spectroscopy of ultraviolet radiation effects on inorganic and biological materials.
  • Preclinical assessment of plant phytochemicals  for cancer therapeutic and preventive properties
  • Development of new methodology for the functionalization
    and elaboration of indoles.

Overview of Recent Student Projects

  • Geometry Projects in an Honors Option Program, a School Rejects Homogeneous Ability Grouping
  • Sediment Metal Contamination in the Thames River and New London Harbor
  • Synthesis of Carboxylate Substituted Tetraarylolefin Derivatives as Ligands for MOF Synthesis.
  • The Effects of Epibiota on the Attachment Strength of the Blue Mussel Mytilus edulis
  • Using Assessment and Evaluation to Improve Instruction
  • Self-Reported Methods of Mathematics Curriculum Selection in Home-Schooling Families
  • The Synthesis and Solid State Characterization of Platinum Nanoparticles Encapsulated by Dithiolate Containing MNY Polymers
  • The G:T Ratio of the Intertidal Chondrus crispus in Long Island Sound.