The Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning at Southern Connecticut State University was established in 2021 with the intention of supporting educational innovation through research, professional development, and policy work, through collaborations both within and outside of the university.

Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning logo

The mission of the Center is to establish a research and partnership Center that focuses on the creation, advancement, and critical analysis of knowledge as it relates to the science and art of teaching and learning and can been translated to support teaching best practices on our own campus.

Additionally, the work of the Center aims to focus on systemic reform initiatives, access to college initiatives, reducing the achievement gaps in Connecticut through research and technology reform initiatives, professional development, and policy analysis as it relates to education reform.

The four pillars of the Center are to:

  • Improve Teaching and Learning
  • Conduct Research and Innovation in the Art and Science of Teaching
  • Develop Multidisciplinary Communities of Educators
  • Create an Innovation space to incubate clinics, offices, and seed new initiatives.