Resident Teacher Certificate

The College of Education at Southern Connecticut State University is launching the Resident Teacher Certificate program in Special Education, in collaboration with Bridgeport Public Schools and New Haven Public Schools

This program will prepare candidates for certification in Special Education and completion of a Master’s degree (Master of Arts in Teaching – Special Education), while working in one of Connecticut’s two largest and most diverse school systems.

We are now recruiting for Fall 2023. Spaces are limited, so please apply soon!

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Program Highlights

  • Candidates complete their courses in the MAT-Special Education program as a cohort, giving them an opportunity to form meaningful relationships with other participants and their professors.
  • Candidates gain important practical experience while working in one of Connecticut’s two largest and most diverse school systems while completing the program

How it works

  • In the first year, candidates will work as a para-educator or teacher assistant in one of the school districts (New Haven or Bridgeport), while completing core courses at SCSU.
  • Then, candidates will work as a teacher-of-record under a Residency Educator Certificate while completing remaining course requirements of the MAT.

To apply, complete two steps

  1. Apply for admission to the SCSU MAT program in Special Education for Fall 2022. Application Link
  2. Apply to be hired by New Haven Public Schools or Bridgeport Public Schools under the Resident Teacher Certificate program.


For NHPS recruitment info, contact Typhanie Jackson at

For BPS recruitment info, contact Michael Brosnan at

For more information about the program, contact us at