Office of Educational Services

The Office of Educational Services (OES) arranges placements for undergraduate and graduate teacher education candidates in P-12 settings to fulfill their required field and clinical hours and student teaching.


The Success Guide for Teacher Prep Programs (Blackboard Organization)

The Success Guide provides information and resources for students admitted to the College of Education. All admitted teacher education candidates are required to enroll in the Success Guide. The guide serves as the online resource for information and materials needed for program completion.

To Enroll: ​

Go to SCSU My Apps​

Log into Blackboard​

Click “Organizations” on the home page, top right corner​

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the “Organization Search” bar and type Success Guide for Teacher Prep Programs​


Field & Clinical Experiences

In courses requiring field work or student teaching, the Office of Educational Services works with academic programs and course instructors to arrange experiences that prepare candidates for careers in education. Field, clinical, and student teaching experiences offer students opportunities to witness the happenings of a classroom and gain experience with related course learning outcomes. Experiences range from participation in activities, observation of the mentor teacher, direct individual, small group instruction, and additional experiences within the student’s content area while being mentored by practicing classroom educators offering support and guidance.


Planning for Field & Clinical Experience Courses

OES will contact students after course registration to give them more information about arrangements for their field or clinical experience.


Student Teaching

Field and clinical experiences build upon one another throughout the program, culminating with student teaching, which occurs in the final semester of the student’s program. The student-teacher experience is a full-time, semester-long clinical experience matching the candidate with a TEAM Trained Cooperating Teacher in one of our partner school placements. Students request student teaching placement 1 – 2 semesters in advance of their intended graduation semester.


Student Teaching Requests

Candidates in initial certification programs will student teach in their final semester before graduation. Students should make their request for placement using the deadlines listed below. Requests for student teaching are being accepted through the Spring 2025 semester.


Student Teaching Request Deadlines:
Spring 2025 – September 1, 2024
Fall 2025 – February 1, 2025
Spring 2026 – September 1, 2025

Fall 2024 – the deadline has passed,
please contact your academic advisor for information to submit a request.

Candidates in the following programs planning for Spring 2025 student teaching should submit a request using the Fall 2024 request deadline (February 1) to allow placement for your fall clinical experience and student teaching placements.

  • Physical Education (HMS 394, HMS 495 + Student Teaching)
  • Math (MAT 490 + Student Teaching)
  • Social Studies (HIS 490 + Student Teaching)
  • English (ENG 493 + Student Teaching)
  • Science (all sciences) (SCE 490 + Student Teaching)
  • World Languages (all languages) (WLL 491 + Student Teaching)


Contact Us:

Office of Educational Services

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Angela Todaro-Kraszewski, Ph.D.

Director, Educational Services


Marilú Rochefort, M.A

Assistant Director, Educational Services