Athletic Training, B.S./M.A.T. Accelerated

Athletic training is an allied health profession encompassing the prevention, examination, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of acute and chronic injuries and medical conditions. Athletic trainers are regulated in 49 states to include Connecticut. Athletic trainers treat a broad range of patients and can be found in a variety of professional settings. Athletic trainers can be found providing health care services within high schools, colleges/universities, professional sport settings, performing arts, physician offices, hospitals, and several occupational settings.

The Southern Connecticut State University accelerated BS / MAT in athletic training offers eligible students the opportunity to complete their undergraduate degree and a Master’s in Athletic Training within a five-year period. Replacing our successful undergraduate program, this program meets the Commission on Athletic Training Education (CAATE) accreditation requirements that all entry- level athletic training programs be delivered at the graduate level following a reduced undergraduate experience. Our program is the first to meet Connecticut Department of Public Health requirements regarding minimum coursework for athletic trainers to be employed in the occupational setting.

Consistent with Southern’s commitment to access, the undergraduate aspect of our program provides a quality, lower cost alternative to most other programs nationally and facilitates the admission of transfer students. Students apply to Southern Connecticut as an athletic training major and proceed to complete undergraduate and professional prerequisite requirements. Students achieving a 3.0 and meeting all prerequisite courses shall be admitted into graduate professional studies. For a list of prerequisite courses, retention and requirements students are strongly encouraged to visit the Southern undergraduate and graduate catalogs.

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In compliance with the CAATE requirements, the following chart represents the current Board of Certification Examination pass rate for students completing the undergraduate athletic training program.

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At this time, we do not have any graduate students in the program. We are presenting the undergraduate results for historical comparison.