Imad Antonios


Morrill Hall 117
Phone: 203.392.5814


  Spring  2015

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2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Tuesday 1:40 pm - 3:40 pm

1:40 pm - 2:40 pm

4:00 pm- 5:00pm

Current COURSES:


Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT

B.A. in Computer Science
Western Connecticut State University
Danbury, CT


Queueing Theory, Performance Modeling, Reliability Theory


"A Performance Model and Analysis of Heterogeneous Traffic with Heavy Tails," with Lester Lipsky, in the Proceedings of the Second IEEE International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications (NCA 2003), Cambridge, MA, April, 2003.

"A Performance Model of User Delay in ON/OFF Heavy-Tailed Traffic," with Lester Lipsky, in the Proceedings of the 2002 International Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (SPECTS 2002), San Diego, CA, July, 2002.

"A Generalized Analytic performance Model of Distributed Systems that Perform N Tasks Using P Fault-Prone Processors," with Gehan Weerasinghe and Lester Lipsky, in the Proceedings of the 16th International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS 2002), Fort Lauderdale, FL., April, 2002.

"Hierarchical Performance Modeling for Distributed System Architectures," with ebra Smarkusky, Reda Ammar, and Howard Sholl, in the Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium in Computer and Communication (ISCC2000), Antibes, France, July 2000.

"System_Level Queueing Analysis of the Hierarchical Performance Modeling System," with Howard Sholl, June, 2000. Work supported by DARPA SBIR grant.

"A Performance-Driven Approach for Task Allocation in Distributed Real-time Systems," with Reda Ammar, February, 2000. Work supported by a NASA EPSCoR Fellowship.