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(Effective Fall 2019) To obtain  a Minor in Computer Science, 18 Computer Science credits are required. Whether your major is in the Arts and Sciences, in Business, in Information and Research, or in Human Services, technology is a significant component in your discipline. This program is designed with great flexibility so students of any discipline may design the program to support one's interest and major requirements.

The 18-credit CSC Minor is as follows:

CSC 152:  CS1 Programming Fundamentals (in Python)
CSC 212:  CS2 Data Structures (in Python)
CSC 235:  Web & Database Development
plus 9 other credits in CSC.  

Note:  At most, one of CSC 101, CSC 104, CSC 200 courses may count towards the minor requirements.  CSC 0100 Transfer Electives cannot be applied to the 18-credit requirement.

Sign up for a Computer Science minor here: 

Your minor will appear on your official transcript and not on your diploma. In order to integrate your minor program into your course of study here at Southern, please be sure to meet with a full time Computer Science faculty to assist you in your 9 credits of CSC electives program planning.