Breastfeeding-Friendly Campus

Southern is the first college or university to become a “Breastfeeding-Friendly Campus,” a designation given by the Connecticut Breastfeeding Coalition to recognize higher-education worksites that are supporting breastfeeding employees and students.

Lactation room


Southern recognizes the importance of creating a family-friendly environment for students, employees, and the community, and as such aims to provide a supportive and flexible environment for breastfeeding students and employees as they transition back to study or work. The Breastfeeding-Friendly Campus Initiative broadens support to include students and visitors to campus who may wish to breastfeed or express breast milk.

Lactation Spaces

Whether you are preparing for the birth of your child or have already welcomed your new baby home, Southern Connecticut State University is dedicated to providing programs and resources that support you at every stage of your breastfeeding journey.

  • The space includes several amenities, including privacy curtains, storage space, access to electrical outlets, a microwave for sterilizing accessories, and breastfeeding information.
  • Breastfeeding champions (someone who knows how best to support a mother who is looking for information on lactation spaces) have designated temporary swing spaces in their departments that they may access. Students who need a quiet, welcoming space in which to pump breast milk may use lactation spaces with notice.

Lactation Registration   Reserve BU 117

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