Counseling Training Clinic

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The Counseling Training Clinic offers SCSU students academically-oriented group and individual counseling to manage academic stress, build skills for coping with University life, and connect with the SCSU community.

Group Counseling at the Clinic is designed for students with high levels of stress or seeking additional support to cope with obstacles in college. Groups focus on exploring barriers, identifying solutions and putting skills into action in a safe and comfortable environment.

Individual Counseling at the Clinic involves meeting one-on-one with an advanced graduate counseling student. Students may privately discuss their academic or personal challenges and meet goals tailored to specific needs.

Group and individual counseling at the Clinic is provided under the supervision of SCSU faculty and is private and confidential. Services are provided in the Counseling Training Clinic, 208 Davis Hall and virtually on a limited basis.

Services Offered for Spring 2024


Helping the Helper Group
For students entering or considering the helping professions, to develop self-awareness and self-care strategies to prepare them for the challenges of human services careers. 
Mondays 1:00-2:00; additional times as needed.

Survive and Thrive Group
For graduate students enrolled in counseling or related degree programs, a professional development group to increase self-awareness and build confidence for continued growth in the field.
Mondays 4:00-4:50; additional times as needed.

Academic Stress Management Group 
For students in need of general academic stress management or support, including finding focus, managing time, increasing social support and coping with anxiety. 
Wednesdays 3:00-4:30; additional times as needed.

Other Services

Academically-oriented individual counseling 
For students in need of academic stress management but who prefer individual rather than group counseling.

Workshops/consultation for faculty and staff 
In-class presentations, workshops at various locations on campus, or consultation with staff to equip them to better support students with academic stress.

How To Get Started

Send an email to, and you will be contacted to arrange a first meeting.