The English Department
Southern Connecticut State University
Engleman Hall D 265A
New Haven, CT 06515
(203) 392-6710
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Chair of the English Department

Andrew Smyth (203) 392-6998. For general questions about the English major at Southern, please email Dr. Smyth at

Assistant Chairs

Robert W. McEachern (203) 392-5526. For questions about the Undergraduate Program (entrance requirements, courses, transfer questions, etc.), please email Dr. McEachern at

Coordinator of Graduate Studies

Joel Dodson (203) 392-6739. For questions about our Graduate Program, please email Dr. Dodson at


Brian Johnson (203) 392-7049. For questions about First-Year Composition at Southern, please email Prof. Johnson at

Secondary Education

Melissa Talhelm (203) 392-6895. For questions about our Secondary English Education Program, please email Dr. Talhelm at

Professional Writing

Bob McEachern (203) 392-5526. For questions about our Professional Writing Program, please email Dr. McEachern at

Creative Writing

For questions about our Creative Writing Program, please contact Jeff Mock at (203) 392-5527 or or; or Tim Parrish at (203) 392-6745 or

Part-Time Teaching Inquiries 

Occasionally, the English Department has need of adjunct instructors to teach first-year composition and introductory level creative writing. Interested individuals are invited to send 1) a letter of interest that addresses your approach to teaching reading and writing to the wide range of students at a regional comprehensive university or similar institution, 2) a current CV, and 3) a sample syllabus of the course as you teach it to the department chair, Dr. Andrew Smyth (, the assistant chair, Dr. Bob McEachern (  and the composition director, Dr. Brian Johnson at ( A graduate degree in English studies and previous experience teaching composition are the normal requirements for teaching first-year composition at SCSU; an MFA degree or its equivalent is normally required to teach creative writing courses.