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General questions Tanya Toles, Secretary
General questions about the English major Cynthia A Stretch, Chairperson
Undergraduate program (entrance requirements, courses, transfer questions, etc.) Robert W. McEachern, Assistant Chair
Graduate program Andrew Richmond, Coordinator of Graduate Studies
First-Year Composition Brian Johnson, Composition
Secondary English Education program Melissa Talhelm, Secondary Education
Professional Writing program Bob McEachern, Professional Writing
Creative Writing program Jeff Mock, Creative Writing
Tim Parrish, Creative Writing

Part-Time Teaching Inquiries

Occasionally, the English Department has need of adjunct instructors to teach first-year composition and introductory level creative writing. Interested individuals are invited to send 1) a letter of interest that addresses your approach to teaching reading and writing to the wide range of students at a regional comprehensive university or similar institution, 2) a current CV, and 3) a sample syllabus of the course as you teach it to the department chair, Dr. Cynthia Stretch, the assistant chair, Dr. Bob McEachern, and the composition director, Dr. Brian Johnson. A graduate degree in English studies and previous experience teaching composition are the normal requirements for teaching first-year composition at SCSU; an MFA degree or its equivalent is normally required to teach creative writing courses.