Switching to Finance?

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We are so glad that you are considering switching your business concentration or non-business major to Finance. Please read about the details regarding the Finance Concentration provided on our department homepage. If you are still undecided, then I would recommend that you take two of our introductory finance courses. In fact, we recommend all finance majors to start with these courses. The courses are discussed in details below.


Critical Thinking in Finance (FIN200)

The basic concepts of financial and business decisions and structure of financial markets such as the following are covered: The Federal Reserve and the financial system, the corporate financial environment, the stock and the bond markets, the sub-prime financial crisis, financial regulations and ethics, executive compensations, credit cards, student loans, retirement plans, international finance and corporate social responsibility.


U.S. Financial Industry through Film (FIN250)

Through motion pictures and documentaries, this course examines how the evolution of the American corporations and financial firms impacted our society, culture, and politics throughout history. All films are based on real events, and depict good and bad practices as well as the ethical dilemmas in the finance industry during both firm-and market-level crises. The course will also provide students with an awareness of recent events in the finance industry with a special focus on the financial markets and institutions in the U.S. The main topics that will be covered are introductions to financial decision-making, markets and institutions, managing the corporation, scandals since 1980s, 2008 financial crisis, and new developments after the crisis (e.g. Regulations, block chain technology).


If you have any questions regarding the finance concentration or about these courses, then please do not hesitate to contact the Finance Dept. Chairperson or the instructors for these courses. We hope to see you in our classes soon!


Dr. Sandip Dutta

Professor of Finance & Dept. Chairperson
Finance and Real Estate
SB 436