Interdisciplinary Studies Concentrations

The Interdisciplinary Studies major allows students to create their own unique degree program by combining two or three concentrations (or academic disciplines/areas of study).

Through the program's core courses, combined academic concentrations and optional experiential learning experiences, Interdisciplinary Studies students develop a strong understanding of their disciplines, their relationship and intersectionality as well as research and problem solving skills. This will ensure program graduates can navigate a rapidly changing global economy over the course of their working lives.

The Career-Concentration Connection

The following are some examples of concentrations that may be combined with specific career connections in mind, however, these are just some examples and many other combinations exist to fit your unique career goals.

Business Art or Arts Administration: consider concentrations in Business Administration, Arts Administration and Cultural Advocacy and Studio Art or Art History

Community Health Activist/Advocate: consider concentrations in Public Health, Political Science and Public Relations

Counseling: consider concentrations in Child, Family and Community Studies, Psychology and Sociology or Racial and Intersectional Justice Studies

Cybersecurity: consider concentrations in Computer Science, Criminal Justice and Data Science

Environmental Policy: consider concentrations in Environmental Studies, Political Science and Natural Resources

Law Enforcement: consider concentrations in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science and Management or Racial and Intersectional Justice Studies

Public Relations: consider concentrations in Communication, Public Relations and Social Media or Marketing

Youth Development: consider concentrations in Child, Family and Community Studies, Leadership Studies and Psychology

Concentration Spotlight

Interdisciplinary Studies majors can select from over 80 concentrations available to create their ideal academic program, suited to their specific academic and career needs. Here is a sampling of some of our innovative concentrations, not offered as traditional majors at the university, available for IDS students to pursue:

All Interdisciplinary Studies Concentration Options