Marriage and Family Therapy Program

Southern awards a unique Master of Family Therapy (MFT) degree. Students select between either a two or three-year track of study. In both tracks students start with dyadic coursework, progress to seeing clients in the University’s on-site Family Clinic, then move into off-site agency internship in the final year of program enrollment. Rigorous academics, comprehensive clinical training, and a unique self-of the-therapist focus are hallmarks of a program that is committed to diversity, insists on cultural competency, and values experiential learning. Due to expenses related to clinical training, the MFT program has a $150 per semester (full-time) or $15 per credit (part-time) program fee.

The Master's of Family Therapy (MFT) program at Southern provides a unique learning environment where students practice skills that elicit systemic change within individuals, relationships, and the larger community. Our approach is hands-on. With a small 15/1 student/core faculty ratio, students are mentored in small supervision groups and go on to be clinicians, leaders and innovators within the field. Graduates work in agencies, schools, and private practice, or go on to complete doctoral studies.