How to Apply: Transfer Students

Understanding the policies regarding admission and the transferring of credits is the first step. Please review the information below.

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Whether you have 12, 30 or 90+ credits from an accredited college or university, admission to Southern is based on the following requirements:

  • A minimum 2.5 GPA from all institutions you attended.  Other factors may be considered, such as length of time since you were last enrolled in college, and accomplishments outside of the classroom that demonstrate ability to succeed in college.
  • A minimum 2.0 Southern GPA (for those who have an enrollment record at Southern)

Former Southern Students who attended Southern as a matriculated student, left the university in good standing, and completed fewer than 12 credits at another institution during their leave must submit a readmission form to the Registrar’s Office.

For previous Southern students who left the university with a GPA lower than a 2.0 -  please see the options below.  You will need to obtain a 2.0 at Southern to be considered for readmission as a matriculated student.

Transfer Student admission is general admission to the University.  You will declare or apply to your academic major once you are enrolled at Southern.  Some academic programs have additional admission requirements; for further details, please review your intended major here:  Undergraduate Majors

The CT State Colleges and Universities offer the Transfer Ticket program to move easily from a 2-year Associate's degree program to completion of your Bachelor's degree without losing any credit. 

The following link details the newest Dual Admission agreement between SCSU and the CT Community College Nursing Programs:

Transfer applicants will have graduated from high school and subsequently earned at least 12 college credits (not concurrent credits earned during High School). Transfer students, including those following a CSCU Transfer Ticket,  must submit the following items to complete an application for admission to Southern:

  • Complete the Online Application by clicking the "Transfer Application" link above
  • Pay the non-refundable $50 application fee (this is done within your online application)*
    *Application Fee Waiver: A waiver of the admission application fee is authorized for any financially needy student who completes and submits to the admission office the Transfer Application Fee Waiver form.
  • Official transcripts from ALL colleges & universities attended.  Official transcripts must be sent directly to Southern Admissions from the issuing institutions.
  • Academic credentials earned at a non-US institution must be evaluated (course-by-course) by an accredited service.  The evaluation agency must be a member of NACES - List of acceptable evaluation agencies. For questions about the evaluation process, please contact the agency directly. If your transcripts are in English, the evaluation is still required to determine degree and grade equivalency.
  • Official final high school transcript from an accredited secondary school or official GED certificate or GED transcript indicating completion of a high school diploma.

The Admissions Office will strictly enforce this checklist of required documents for Transfer application file completion.  It is crucial for accurate academic advisement and course selection to have all transfer credits in Banner at the time of registration.

Therefore, proof of High School graduation* and official transcripts from ALL colleges/universities must be received by the Southern Admissions office to complete an application file for admission review and to render an admission decision.
*If you have earned a college degree (Associate, Bachelor’s, etc.) from a regionally-accredited institution that is posted on your official transcript, the High School Transcript requirement will be waived.
Admission decisions are primarily based on the most recent college transcript (minimum 2.0 GPA).

  • Once you have submitted your application to Southern, check your admission status and checklist of requirements in our online admission portal  (you will be sent a confirmation email once you have applied).
  • Allow 2-3 weeks once your application is complete for a decision to be made. An e-mail will be sent to you once the decision is made. Your decision will be posted in the admission portal and a hard copy of your decision letter will follow in the mail, along with the transfer equivalency forms, showing how your courses were transferred to Southern.
  • If accepted, proceed with your Next Steps as outlined in your admission letter.
  • If you plan to enroll as a full-time student, a $200 non-refundable confirmation deposit is required to reserve a spot at Southern. 

Fall 2021 preferred deadlines for best course availability and selections are:

Application deadline:  August 6, 2021

Admission deadline:  August 13, 2021

Course registration deadline:  August 25, 2021

Classes begin:  August 26, 2021

  • There is currently no limit to the number of eligible credits that can be transferred in to Southern.
  • Eligible credits must be taken at regionally-accredited institutions.
  • College-level courses earned with a minimum grade of a C- will be transferred as either equivalent courses or as elective credits.
  • If you are transferring from another CT State University - Central, Eastern, or Western - all college level courses with passing grades are transferable.
  • If you have earned an Associate’s degree at one of the CT Community Colleges, all college-level courses with passing grades are transferable.  See the CT State Colleges and Universities website for more information about Dual Admission and the Transfer Ticket.
    The following link details the new Dual Admission program for RN candidates at CT community colleges:

  • Please keep in mind that although there is a credit requirement for graduation, it is the completion of the degree program that dictates when you will graduate.  A minimum of thirty (30) credits must be taken at Southern to earn the degree.
  • If a student does not agree with how a course was evaluated, the student is referred to the Chair of the department to challenge it and/or complete a Transfer Credit Evaluation Inquiry form to request a review.

If you are transferring from a regionally-accredited institution within CT, you may see how your courses will transfer to Southern before applying. Visit the Transfer Articulation Request to look through our database of colleges and universities. If your school is listed, you will be able to search the courses you have taken and see the transfer course equivalency.

If you are interested in receiving credit for high school AP exams, please review this link: Advanced Placement. Official score reports must be sent directly from College Board to Southern Admissions.

To learn about Southern’s CLEP policy, please review this link: CLEP.

If you earned college credits while in high school through an Early College Experience program, please remember to submit official college transcripts for those credits earned.

Students who have earned an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Gateway Community College with TAP-compliant Quantitative Reasoning and science courses since May 2011 are exempt from LEP requirements with the exception of Multilingual Communication, the Capstone, and any specific requirements associated with their chosen SCSU major. 

Students who have earned an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences:  Humanities/Behavioral and Social Sciences Concentration from Housatonic Community College with TAP-compliant Quantitative Reasoning and science courses since May 2012 are exempt from LEP requirements with the exception of Multilingual Communication, the Capstone, and any specific requirements associated with their chosen SCSU major. Visit Programs & Requirements for more information

Learn about public and private transfer programs throughout the state from the Office of Higher Education.