Advisory Board and Expert Panels

Advisory Boards

The Center is advised by both an external and internal advisory boards on its development, strategic planning, and Center-based initiatives.

External Advisory Board

The Center is advised by an external advisory board comprised of experts from the fields of teacher training, special education, education policy, early childhood, transition, advocacy, assessment, clinical intervention, and autism spectrum disorders. The external board has representatives from higher education faculty, local education agencies, parent groups, PK-12 educators, private corporations, families, and concerned citizens.


Ms. Krissy Adanti-Pedersen
Ms. Dannika Avent
Ms. Pamela Brucker
Mr. Joseph Dooley
Ms. Amy Dumont
Dr. Ellen Durnin
Dr. Ruth Eren
Mr. Carl Gross
Ms. Ellen Keane
Mr. Bryan Klimkiewicz
Dr. Suzanne Macari
Ms. Wendy Marans
Dr. Judith Meyers
Dr. Nancy Moss-Racusin
Dr. Michael Powers
Dr. Robert Prezant
Mr. Michael Regan
Dr. Brian Reichow
Dr. Kari Sassu
Ms. Pauline Smith
Mr. Michael Storz
Dr. Fred Volkmar

Internal Advisory Board

Additionally, the Center is advised by an internal advisory board of Southern Connecticut State University administrators, faculty and staff across multiple disciplines. This board focuses on matters related to research, grants, community initiatives, and current discipline-specific trends concerning ASD and the work of the Center.   

Dr. Elaine Allen
Dr. Mary Jo Archambault
Dr. Denise Bentley-Drobish
Dr. Barbara Cook
Mr. Ted Donahue
Dr. Julia Irwin
Dr. Scott Jackson
Dr. Michael Laughlin
Dr. Marie McDaniel
Mr. Ken Rahn
Dr. Kari Sassu
Mr. Bogdan Zamfir

Content Validity Panels


The Center is dedicated to best practices in curriculum development, instrument design, and project evaluation and works with a variety of national, regional, and local experts to validate and evaluate its training content. Feedback and ratings from experts on curriculum, instructional activities, manuals, procedural guidelines, instructional delivery modes, and other training components guide the Center's development, piloting, and implementation procedures. Each year the Center Director identifies needed expertise aligned with project goals and secures qualified individuals to serve on the Center's Content Validity Panels.