Spring 2023 Conference

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Planning for Adulthood on the Autism Spectrum: Challenges and Opportunities
A Virtual Conference Presented by The Center of Excellence on Autism Spectrum Disorders at SCSU
April 15, 2023
9:00 AM -12:00 PM

Event Description: Southern Connecticut State University Center of Excellence on Autism Spectrum Disorder will host a conference on planning for adulthood which will consist of panel discussions and presenters on the transition to adulthood and independence. We will bring together service providers to discuss the skills needed to live successfully on your own. There will be a panel discussion with individuals on the spectrum to discuss their experience as they transitioned to adulthood highlighting working and living on their own. The final presenter is Eric Benninghoff who is studying what happens to people with developmental disabilities, like autism, when they become adults in Norway's welfare state. He conducts interview-based research and creates short films throughout Norway and other Nordic countries to better understand and document the challenges and potential of these individuals as they transition from school to the workforce. This event will be hosted virtually on zoom and has a $40 fee. Participants must register ahead here

Event Summary: The Center of Excellence on Autism Spectrum Disorder will host a virtual conference consisting of two panel discussions and one presenter that will focus on the topic of transitioning to adulthood.

Location: Virtual via Zoom

Contact Information: Register directly

For questions contact: ASD-Center@southernct.edu or 203-392-5929 

RSVP: Registration is required

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