Real Talk - Diversity in Higher Ed

In Season Two, student activist Jamil Harp and Professor KC Councilor break down communication barriers and get to the heart of equity and inclusion conversations on college campuses.




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Moving Beyond Diversity: A Syllabus for Faculty, Staff, and the Community

Created by the Racial Justice Pedagogy Project

The resources provided here are intended for faculty and staff to explore in an effort to strengthen their understandings of how systemic racism operates in our lives, communities, and classrooms. This syllabus is part of a larger endeavor for faculty to integrate racial justice pedagogies into our practice.

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SCSU Campus Climate Surveys

The President’s Commission on Social Justice administered a campus-wide climate survey to identify and describe faculty, staff, and student perceptions and experiences about diversity and the overall atmosphere of inclusivity, acceptance, and appreciation at Southern

We welcome you to review the survey results and to share your activities and recommendations.

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