Early College Teachers

Southern Connecticut State University courses taught at partner school districts or high schools are identical to the courses taught at the SCSU campus. High school teachers delivering SCSU courses at their high school do so as SCSU adjunct faculty and must meet the qualifications and requirements set for Southern Connecticut State University adjunct faculty members.

Teacher in a lesson

Applicants must have a master’s degree in the discipline in which they are applying to teach. The appropriate Southern Connecticut State University academic department will determine whether applicants meet the qualifications to teach SCSU course(s) as Early College instructors.

Before applying, please contact us to begin a conversation about your interest. Southern offers many 100- and 200-level courses appropriate for academically prepared high school students who seek an Early College experience. Partner high schools should contact us to discuss curricular needs.

Once you decide to apply to become an SCSU Early College instructor please submit the following:

  • completed application form

  • A detailed cover letter describing relevant background and qualifications to teach specific SCSU course(s)

  • A current curriculum vitae

  • Letter(s) of recommendation from your principal and department head. If you are the department head, you may submit a recommendation from a colleague.

  • Undergraduate and graduate transcripts (if your application is approved, you will need to provide official transcripts)

  • A proposed course syllabus for each course for which approval is being sought (sample syllabi available by request)

Submit materials electronically to EarlyCollege@southernct.edu. Questions may be directed to (203) 392-5209 or EarlyCollege@southernct.edu.

Early College instructors may not begin teaching SCSU courses at their high school until their credentials have been approved by the university. A notification letter will be sent within 4-6 weeks after the application has been received.

Early College instructors will be expected to participate in regular faculty development as determined by the supervising department and will be evaluated according to the supervising department’s procedures for evaluating its part-time faculty members. Reappointment will be determined by the supervising department.

SCSU uses the Blackboard learning management system used to host course content. Instructors interested in using this system for their dual enrollment course may do so.

To access Blackboard:

  • Click on the MySCSU log-in screen

  • Select the BlackBoard Learn 9 app

For questions or troubleshooting, please contact the IT Help Desk for support.

Southern Connecticut State University requires all faculty to verify attendance rosters at the start of each semester. This is an important step to confirm each student’s enrollment in your Early College course; this begins their official academic record at SCSU. Early College courses appear on the SCSU transcript and count as attempted credit calculated in their SCSU GPA. 

Class Roster Instructions

  • Login to MySCSU Portal 

  • Click on Banner Web

  • Select Faculty Services

  • Select Attendance Reporting

  • Highlight Course to Report

  • Click Submit

If all students on the class roster are correct (on the left) and should remain enrolled in the Early College course for college credit, just click ‘Submit’.

To remove a student(s) from your roster, follow these steps:

  • Highlight the name(s) in the ‘Attended’ column on the left

  • Click ‘Submit’

  • When you refresh the page, you will see that only the highlighted students moved to the ‘Never Attended’ column on the right. 

A screenshot of the illustration of the steps above

Need to Make Changes? 

To move a student back to the ‘Attended’ list, highlight the name(s) in the Never Attended column on the right and click ‘Submit’.  When you refresh the page, you will see that only those students moved back to the ‘Attended’ column upon submission. The reporting period remains open for changes up to the attendance reporting deadline for the semester.

Late Additions

If students are added to your class roster after you have initially reported your attendance, their name(s) will appear in red to have attendance verified.  For this reason, you may receive a notice from the Registrar’s Office regarding outstanding attendance reporting for this course.  To verify they should remain enrolled (i.e. Attended), simply click ‘Submit’. To remove them from the roster (i.e. Never Attended), highlight the name(s) within the left list, and click ‘Submit’. Refresh the page to confirm the changes have been made.

The grades issued for your Early College courses will start your student’s official academic record at SCSU. Early College courses appear on the SCSU transcript and count as attempted credit calculated in the SCSU GPA. The grade issued on the student’s high school transcript for the course will be determined by your high school’s grading policy and may be different from the grade issue for SCSU college credit.

Grade Entry Instructions

  • Login to Southern's Faculty Portal 

  • Click on Banner Web

  • Select Faculty Services

  • Click Term Selection (select the term for which you are entering grades)

  • Click CRN Selection (select the class section from the drop-down list)

  • Click Grades (Midterm) or Grades (Final) accordingly

  • Submit a grade for every student on the roster by the deadline:

    • Each time you make a change and click submit, you will receive a confirmation in red letters, that all changes have been saved.

  • To enter grades for another class, click the link at the bottom of the page: CRN Selection.

NOTE: You may continue to update final grades until the last day grades are due.

Need to Make Changes?

Grade Changes after final grades have been posted to student transcripts must be submitted through the Grade Change link in Banner Web:

The rest of the process will guide you through selecting the proper term, course, and student to submit the grade change submission

SCSU faculty are available to visit area high school classes. Schedule one of our expert faculty to generate an atmosphere of inquiry, enthusiasm and excitement in an array of academic arenas. Our Visiting Scholars website lists a variety of presentations and demonstrations available. This is one additional way that Southern can support (and extend) your curriculum.