Teaching Opportunities for Teachers

With a written agreement in place between SCSU and a partner school or district, approved high school teachers under the supervision of an SCSU academic department can deliver SCSU courses at their high school to eligible students.

Application Instructions

Southern Connecticut State University courses taught at partner school districts or high schools are identical to the courses taught at the SCSU campus. High school teachers delivering SCSU courses at their high school do so as SCSU adjunct faculty and must meet the qualifications and requirements set for Southern Connecticut State University adjunct faculty members.

Applicants must have a master’s degree in the discipline in which they are applying to teach. The appropriate Southern Connecticut State University academic department will determine whether applicants meet the qualifications to teach SCSU course(s) as Early College instructors.

To apply to become an SCSU Early College instructor please submit the following:

  • A completed application form

  • A detailed cover letter describing relevant background and qualifications to teach specific SCSU course(s)

  • A current curriculum vitae

  • Letters of recommendation from your principal and department head. If you are the department head, you may submit a recommendation from a colleague.

  • Undergraduate and graduate transcripts (if your application is approved, you will need to provide official transcripts)

  • A proposed course syllabus for each course for which approval is being sought


Submit all materials to:
Office of Academic Affairs
Southern Connecticut State University
EN A210
501 Crescent Street New Haven, CT 06515

Materials may also be submitted electronically to EarlyCollege@southernct.edu. Questions may be directed to (203) 392-5350 or EarlyCollege@southernct.edu.


Early College instructors may not begin teaching SCSU courses at their high school until their credentials have been approved by the university and a criminal background check has been completed.

Early College instructors will be expected to participate in regular faculty development as determined by the supervising department and will be evaluated according to the supervising department’s procedures for evaluating its adjunct faculty members. Reappointment will be determined by the supervising department.


Application Form



Frequently Asked Questions

Can my high school offer Southern Connecticut State University Courses?

With a written agreement in place between Southern Connecticut State University and a partner school or district (a “Type C” tuition and fee waiver authorized by the CSCU Board of Regents), approved high school teachers under the supervision of an SCSU academic department can deliver SCSU courses at their high school to eligible students. The partner school or district may also choose to award high school credit for the SCSU course. A high school student may earn college credit for up to three SCSU courses delivered at their high school or taken at SCSU on a space-available basis.

How can I find out if there is a written agreement in place between SCSU and my district?

Southern Connecticut State University currently has signed Type C waiver agreements in place with over a dozen individual high schools or school districts in Connecticut. Contact SCSU’s Office of Academic Affairs at (203) 392-5350 or at EarlyCollege@southernct.edu to see if your school or district has an agreement in place or learn how to put a signed agreement in place between SCSU and your district.

My school district has a signed agreement in place to offer SCSU courses on site at my high school. How do I become an approved instructor?

Please complete the application (linked below) and submit with the requested supporting documentation to EarlyCollege@southernct.edu. You are encouraged to submit your application at least four months in advance for approval to teach the following semester. Applications will take up to a month for approval. Instructors must hold a Master’s degree or higher in the subject to be taught or a closely related field. Determination of teaching qualifications and final approval decisions will be made by the academic department chair or their designee.

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What courses can I teach on site at my high school?

Southern offers many 100- and 200-level courses appropriate for academically prepared high school students who seek an Early College experience. Partner high schools should familiarize themselves with the courses in SCSU’s current Undergraduate Course Catalog and Southern’s general education program, the Liberal Education Program, to identify courses that fit with curriculum requirements and instructor expertise.

Partner high schools are encouraged to consult with The Office of Academic Affairs at (203) 392-5350 or at EarlyCollege@southernct.edu to identify specific SCSU courses that would also meet the needs of their students. High school course titles must match the Southern Connecticut State University course title.

How do I access my courses in BlackBoard?

 Click on the MySCSU log-in screen and select the BlackBoard Learn 9 app. Please contact the SCSU Help Desk if you have questions. The Help Desk can be reached at 203.392.5123 and helpdesk@southernct.edu and http://helpdesk.southernct.edu. You may also contact us at earlycollege@southernct.edu if you have questions about using BlackBoard.

How do I report class attendance for my class?

Click here for instruction on how to report class attendance.

How do I report the mid-term and final grades?

Click here for instruction on how to report mid-term and final grades

Do students have to attend SCSU after high school to keep their credits?

Students taking Southern Connecticut State University courses during high school are welcomed and encouraged to apply to SCSU for their undergraduate degree. Many other colleges and universities will also accept dual enrollment/early college courses taken for high school and college credit as transfer credit. Students will have an official Southern Connecticut State University transcript upon successful completion of SCSU cours(es), and they should submit these official transcripts as part of their application to any other institution.

Southern cannot guarantee which colleges and universities will accept courses for transfer credit, as acceptance is determined by each institution’s own transfer policies. Students who think they may wish to transfer SCSU courses to another university should do the following:

  • Contact school(s) they wish to apply to and confirm their transfer policies

  • Save the syllabus and graded assignments for each SCSU course

  • Request an official SCSU transcript after completing the cours(es)