Center Advisory Board

Members of the CSCU-CNT Advisory Board represent members from materials science/nanotechnology industries, academic departments at other Connecticut State Colleges and Universities, from the University of Connecticut and Yale University as well as the SCSU administration and SCSU science faculty.

The Advisory Board's role is to:

  • provide meaningful and critical feedback on programs and services
  • to assist in the development of long-­‐term strategic plans focused on future growth of the CSCU-­‐CNT program and services
  • to provide relevant external expertise and advice to assist in the quality improvement of CSCU-­‐CNT programs and services

List Of Advisory Board Members and Their Affiliations

The Connecticut Community Colleges College of Technology (COT) is an important link between the 17 Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCUs). The CSCU-CNT will be working collaboratively with the COT to facilitate participation in materials science and nanotechnology related programs and services throughout the CSCUs.

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