CSCU Nano-Hubs

Central Connecticut State University

Atomic Force Microscopy

The X-ray diffraction facility at Central Connecticut State University is capable of performing powderdiffraction experiments as well as low temperature single crystal diffraction experiments. CCSU has a Rigaku Miniflex II powder diffractometer fitted with a rotating stage that handles five different sample preparations. CCSU also operates an Agilent Xcalibur single crystal diffractometer equipped with a Sapphire CCD X-ray detector. The single crystal instrument has both Mo and Cu radiation capabilities and is equipped with a Helijet for low temperature diffraction studies. The Center is open for use for any interested collaborators. Please contact Dr. Guy Crundwell (

Eastern Connecticut State University

The Department of Physical Sciences at Eastern Connecticut State University operates a Hitachi U-4100 UV VIS-NIR (ultraviolet-visible-near infrared) spectrophotometer, and a Horiba FluoroLog fluorescence spectrophotometer. The extended range of these instruments allows for investigations relying on the unique optical properties of nanomaterials and infrared biosensors. (contact - Robert E. Collins, 

horiba fluorolog

Horiba FluoroLog


Hitachi U-4100 UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotmeter

Western Connecticut State University

The Raman Spectrometer is a powerful tool that characterizes the vibrational structure of molecules. This instrument can be used in many different fields such as carbon material and semiconductor research. Western Connecticut State University has a PerkinElmer RamanStation 400F research-grade benchtop Raman spectrometer with a motorized XYZ stage, fiber optic probe, and a resolution of 1cm-1 (or 4 cm-1 FWHM peak resolution). The Raman spectrometer is open any interested users. Please contact Dr. Yen ( We look forward to seeing you!


Perkin Elmer RamanStation 400F



Support for the establishment of the NanoHUBs was provided by  DOE DE-SC0005904 & DOE DE-SC0005072