Application Instructions

Eligibility Requirements

The program is open to undergraduate students who:

  • Are U.S. citizens or permanent residents
  • Are at least 18 years of age
  • Will have completed two to four semesters toward a biology, chemistry, or related science major by June 2024 (but will not have graduated by then)
  • Are in good academic standing
  • Can commit to work full-time from June 10th to August 8rd, 2024 (not including July 4th)

Required Documents                    

  1. Online Application Form.
  2. A resume containing your contact information, educational history, employment history, and skills, maximum 1 page. 
  3. College Transcripts for all semesters and schools attended (This can be an unofficial or scanned copy).
  4. A signed letter of recommendation from an educational or work mentor who can attest to your reliability, work ethic, positive attitude, and/or academic potential. 

How to Submit Your Application

  • Request a recommendation letter from a professor, mentor, or employer, at least 2-4 weeks in advance of the deadline. Ask them to submit the letter to by midnight on February 23rd, 2024..
  • Prepare your CV and college transcripts and save (.pdf format preferred)
  • Please fill out and submit the Application Form, then email your resume and transcripts to by February 23rd, 2024.

Tips and Resources for Applying

Requesting a Recommendation Letter

Choose someone who knows you well, ask them as far in advance as possible, and give them details in writing about what the letter is for and when it is due. It helps if you can add some reminders of what you did during your time working with the recommender- such as your responsibilities, grades, or other accomplishments. Below is a template that you might find helpful to modify. After you make your request, send your recommender a few reminders in the days before the deadlines. After the application is complete, you should always send your letter-writer a brief note or e-mail to thank them.  

Dear Dr/Mr/Ms ________,

            I hope you are doing well. I am applying to an internship program called the Plant Health Fellows program, and if accepted I would participate in paid scientific research next summer. The application requires a recommendation letter from someone who can tell the committee about me. Based on my time [working for you, in your class, etc] I think you would be the best person to write this letter.

            The recommendation letter should introduce yourself, say how you know me and for how long, and discuss what you know about my positive work habits. For example, if you have seen evidence that I am reliable, a good worker, follow safety rules, learn new skills, work well with others, or have a positive attitude, it would be helpful to give examples of these, or emphasize any other attributes that you think are important. The letter should be signed and e-mailed to by midnight on February 23rd, 2024.. Please let me know as soon as possible whether or not you are able or willing to send a letter by this time, so that I can find another recommendation if not.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I have attached my current resume to assist in your writing.



Writing a Resume

There is no strict format for a resume, but it should include your GPA and a brief summary of the science and math coursework you have done in college. When you are describing your work, volunteer, extracurricular, or leadership experience, it’s best to highlight your experiences that show your interest in science, plants, or the environment.

Answering the Questions on the Form

Instead of a personal statement, the form has six short-answer questions that will help us get to know you, and understand your interests, goals, and likes and dislikes. This section also helps us understand whether our program can help you reach your goals. Just provide a straightforward and honest answer here.

How Will My Application Be Evaluated?  

Three separate people will read through all of the applications, and select a pool of candidates that demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Enthusiasm and interest in plants, agriculture, or the environment
  • Strong work ethic, demonstrated through previous work experience and/or academic achievement
  • Desire to obtain lab or field research experience, perhaps for the first time
  • Positive personality traits such as maturity, creativity, ability to work collaboratively with others

Application Form