Frequently Asked Questions Plant Health Fellows

Q. Can I apply as an international student?

A. No, we can only accept U.S. citizens and permanent residents in this program. 

Q. Will I get to choose my mentor and project?

A. You may request a specific mentor in the optional question of the application form. We do our best to place applicants according to their stated interests, but we cannot guarantee placement in a specific lab. However, we will inform you of your assigned mentor in the acceptance letter so that you can use this information in deciding whether to accept the fellowship. Because some research areas are far more requested than others, applicants who indicate a willingness to do multiple areas of research may have a better chance at success.

Q. If I live in the New Haven area, am I required to live in the university apartment housing?

A. We encourage fellows to live in the group apartments, as it offers a great chance to share experiences with other science students. However, we understand that students may have family and other commitments, and fellows are free to go where they like during the evenings and weekends. If you do not intend to live in the apartments, please notify us upon acceptance so that we can use your housing funds to support other students.

Q. What are the expected working hours for interns? 

A.  The working day for biologists can vary depending on the project activities. Researchers at CAES typically work from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, but you may be asked to work later some days when necessary to finish a critical experiment or travel from a field site. Any longer days will not extend past 6 PM.

Q. Am I allowed to take days off for a vacation?

A. No. Students should be available to work for the nine-week duration of the program, excepting illness, medical appointments, or family emergencies. There is one day off on July 4th. 

If you have any other questions about the application process, research projects, or other aspects of the program, you can send them to and we will reply as soon as possible.