Transfer Admissions

We welcome applications from transfer students who see great potential in themselves and are ready to make a change. We’ll help you reach your goals and offer you a rich experience along your educational journey.

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Transfer Tickets

Start with an Associate's from a Connecticut Community College. Finish with a Bachelor's from a CT State University or State College.

Transfer Tickets are degree programs for Connecticut Community College students that transfer to Connecticut State Universities and Charter Oak without either losing any credits or being required to take extra credits in order to complete a bachelor's degree in that same discipline. Select programs may have additional admission requirements.

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Transfer Equivalency

See how your courses transfer in from colleges and universities all around the country.

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General Requirements

Liberal Education Program (LEP): Learn about our general education requirements.

Transfer Agreements

SCSU has entered into transfer agreements with the colleges and universities listed below.  Each agreement outlines a pathway and commitment between institutions for certain academic programs, as well as eligibility criteria for students interested in applying. 

CSCU - College of Technology: The College of Technology provides seamless career pathways between community colleges and partner universities for students to earn certificates, Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in Engineering and Technology disciplines.

Degree Works Evaluation

Degree Works is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, web-based academic advising and degree audit tool designed to assist you and your advisors in navigating curriculum requirements and evaluating your progress towards graduation.

Degree Works is a tool for students with catalog terms Fall 2015 and later. Students with catalog terms prior to Fall 2015 will continue to use the current degree evaluation tool- CAPP. However, you may still use the 'What-if' function within Degree Works to determine options for changing a major. If you wish to change your catalog term, contact your advisor who can advise you on whether it is beneficial for your progress towards graduation.

Steps to View Your Degree Evaluation Using Degree Works

  • Log into your student portal
  • Click the Banner Web App
  • Select Student Services
  • Select Student Records
  • Select Degree Evaluation
  • Select Term
  • Process Degree Evaluation



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