voice and instrument study

MUS 231 - Voice Class I

Study of basic vocal techniques and an introduction to vocal literature including art songs in English and Italian. 3 credits. 

MUS 232 - Voice Class II

Study of more advanced vocal techniques with a continuation of songs in English, and an introduction to the vocal literature of France and Germany. 3 credits.

MUS 235 - Guitar I

A basic course in playing the guitar, serving as an introduction to the technique of the instrument and to the literature for the instrument. 3 credits.

MUS 236 - Guitar II

Studies of more advanced guitar skills with an opportunity for students to improve both classical and folk skills and to expand their repertory. 3 credits.

MUS 237 - Fundamentals of Piano I

Beginning piano class aimed at developing basic keyboard skills in finger dexterity. Parallel coordination, melodic and chordal coordination, and elementary sight-reading. 3 credits.

MUS 238 - Fundamentals of Piano II

Studies of more advanced piano skills with the opportunity for the student to become more proficient in the playing and interpretation of standard literature for the piano. 3 credits.