admission requirements

student having his wrist tapedStudents will formally apply for admission into the Exercise Science Department and the Athletic Training Education Program at the end of the freshman year as part of the course requirements in EXS 185.

It is important to remember that students wishing to apply for admission into the Exercise Science Department/Athletic Training Education Program must:

                EXS 158 - Athletic Training Professional Practice                      
                EXS 185 - Concepts and Practices of Athletic Training
                EXS 281 - Anatomy and Physiology I

The number of students accepted into the athletic training major is normally limited to aproximately 15 students. Acceptance is determined by the quality of the submitted application materials and the number of students applying for formal admission to the ATEP. Interested students should contact the ATEP Program Director for more details.

transfer students

athletic training photoStudents who wish to transfer into Southern's Athletic Training Education Program from another institution or another SCSU academic major must contact or meet with the Athletic Training Education Program Director. Transfer applications are considered on a case-by-case basis with consideration given to current student enrollment within the ATEP, and the courses taken and GPA of the transfer student. Also, you must submit an official transcript to our Admissions Office for evaluation as soon as possible. Once the Admissions Office has assessed your transcripts, it will provide you with a Transfers Evaluation Form, which applies your previously earned credits to courses offered at Southern.

We will make every attempt to accommodate you, but you will be required to complete our program in course sequence. Please do not assume that all classes will transfer, or that all credit will be accepted. Also, please note that clinical hours accrued prior to your transfer cannot be applied to our program requirements.