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We invite our employer partners to consider strategic ways to differentiate themselves and engage more SCSU students, faculty and staff without an extensive time commitment.

Digital Corporate Sponsorship Packages: Elevate Your Brand with The Office of Career and Professional Development 

Are you looking to enhance your company's visibility and engagement with our dynamic student and alumni community? Partner with us through our Digital Corporate Sponsorship Packages, and unlock a range of benefits tailored to showcase your brand's presence.

Digital Corporate Sponsor


  • Virtual Event Sponsorship: By sponsoring our engaging virtual events, you can seamlessly reach our student and alumni audience through OCPD’s thoughtful placement of your company logo and verbal recognition of our sponsor during each event.
  • Advertisement on JOBSs: OCPD will feature your brand on our career management site, JOBSs, powered by Simplicity, where students and alumni explore opportunities. The advertisement would be showcased on the student’s homepage for one academic year.
  • Physical Promotion: Showcase your brand within our career center and academic advisement office through distinct promotional signage.
  • Social Media Promotion: You will have a pinned post featuring your company offerings on OCPD’s Instagram account.

Premier Sponsor

In addition to the benefits above, our Premier Sponsor package offers additional upgrades…

  • Logo Visibility: Have your company logo prominently displayed on all OCPD resource flyers and at the bottom of all OCPD webpages.
  • Prominent Digital Presence: Gain significant visibility on our official website, with a dedicated webpage seamlessly linked to our homepage. We will customize your content throughout the academic year to stay relevant.

SCSU Career Development Fund - Internship Scholarship Fund

By eliminating financial barriers, this fund supports our students in pursuit of unpaid internships, local and international volunteer experiences, on-campus research and leadership development opportunities, and other related opportunities to develop transferrable industry skills, knowledge and experience, as well as to explore career interests presented by the Office of Career and Professional Development.


All received donations will result in acknowledgment on our University website/social media, select corporate sponsorship benefits, and priority location at multi-employer recruitment events.

  1. Please click on GIVE NOW.
  2. Then fill in your information
  3. Under DESIGNATION: Type “Career and Professional Development Fund” in the box labeled SELECT A DESIGNATION

Career Fair Sponsor

Upon registering for our Career & Internship Industry Fairs, you will have the opportunity to select “Sponsor” under the payment portion.

Benefits of sponsoring an industry fair include…

  • 2 tables (84 X 24) upon request
  • The ability to bring up to 4 representatives
  • Pre-event marketing to faculty/students with employer profile and offerings included
  • Temporary featured advertisements on all event marketing material, social media, and the Career Development website
  • Featured advertisement on the student's registration page
  • A featured poster at student check-in during the event.

Prices vary per Career Fair


For further details and to pursue any of these opportunities, contact moranp7@southernct.edu

Elevate your brand's presence and connect with a talented pool of students and alumni. Become a valued partner of The Office of Career and Professional Development today!