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Collaboration with faculty and staff across campus is key to the success of our students and the Office of Career & Professional Development.  We offer a variety of resources and opportunities for you to engage with our office.

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SCSU Engagement Survey

To better serve your departmental needs, please extend our Employer Engagement Survey to your current industry/employer partners and SCSU alumni.

Employer Engagement Survey

Completing this form will add partners to our engagement inquiry list and help source future initiatives including partnership ideas, programming initiatives, and will provide us with a better sense of our external partners' highest priorities.

Career Success Modules

The Office of Career & Professional Development has designed a skills development organization via Black Board to connect all inside and outside of the classroom learning experiences to industry needs. The organization provides students with the opportunity to learn about the employability skills employers desire, as well as a variety of career readiness topics.  Each module takes 15-30 minutes and includes learning objectives, activities/action steps, and quizzes/assessments.

Goal of OWL Skills Development Organization

Skills Development Modules will help students:

  • build confidence in themselves
  • gain knowledge about career interests and the job market 
  • identify their skills and career competencies
  • connect classroom and outside of the classroom experiences to industry
  • provide easy access to resources and experiential opportunities

How to Use Online Modules

Each module includes an outline, learning objectives, activities and action steps, quizzes and assessments, and estimated duration. 

  • CONTACT US to see how the OWL Skills Development organization can be used with your students
  • Students can complete modules on their own to practice the topic associated with each module  (Blackboard Modules function/Extra Credit)