Diversity and Inclusion Practices

At Southern, we are committed to identifying and addressing systemic barriers to equity, access, and success for all members of our community.  We are also committed to constructive dialogues where we treat one another with dignity, respect, kindness, compassion and civility as we share varying perspectives, with the goal of creating a culture of inclusion and belonging.

A group of diverse students

Advancing Southern Towards a Social Justice University

The Office of Career and Professional Development at SCSU is deeply committed to advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibiity within our institution. We recognize the pivotal role career centers play in fostering a more diverse and inclusive environment on campus. By infusing diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility into all aspects of our operations, we aim to create the most welcoming and inclusive environment possible. This commitment underscores our dedication to fostering an environment where every student feels valued and supported in their career development journey.


Videos provided by the 2018 and 2019 NACE Inclusion Committees. Updated July 2019.