Application Process

The requirements for admission to Southern Connecticut State University are intended to ensure that students offered admission are adequately prepared for the academic program and will benefit significantly from their total college experience. Students are admitted without regard to age, sex, race, color, creed, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or citizenship/immigration status.                         

A social security number is not a required field on the application for admission.

For more information about the admission process please visit the Admissions Office site.

Undocumented students should be aware that admission to certain majors (i.e. teacher education programs, nursing) require background checks (that include finger printing) and certification exams (that ask for a social security number). Further, some majors may require fieldwork or internships experiences that may require background checks.

It is typically not advised that undocumented students select majors that require these types of processes; thus, undocumented students must keep this in mind as they select a major.  Please consult with the staff and faculty advisors identified on this website for assistance in selecting your major.  Currently, DACA students are able to complete the processes (background check, certification exams) needed to pursue any of these majors.