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We at Southern are committed to a mission of social justice. That means we strive to ensure that all members of our community are treated with dignity, respect, kindness, compassion and civility.

We understand DREAMers may have unique questions about attending Southern — including issues related to admissions requirements, financial aid eligibility, and confidentiality. Our support team of faculty, staff, and students -- the DREAMers Action Alliance -- has three primary goals:

  • Identify and break down barriers faced by undocumented students and their families.
  • Engage the campus community in conversations about immigration issues, and to educate the community about the realities of being an immigrant in the United States.
  • Advocate for policies that support our students on the campus, state, and national level.

Do you have questions or need advice? You can contact a member of the DREAMers Action Alliance at Southern:

Team Leaders

Esteban Garcia – Associate Bursar - Student Accounts Office - 203-392-6845

Daisy Torres-Baez – Faculty and Staff Diversity Recruitment and Retention Specialist - 203-392-6545


Diane Ariza - Vice President for Diversity and Equity Programs - 203-392-8377

Betsy Beacom - Integrated Communications & Marketing - 203-392-6589

Laura Bower-Phipps - Associate Professor / Department of Curriculum and Learning – 203-392-7298

Dian Brown-Alber- Multicultural Affairs Center - 203-392-5879

Marylou Conley - Integrated Communications & Marketing - 203-392-6599

Wanda Negron - Associate Director of Financial Aid - 203-392-5222

Katie De Oliveira - Director of the Center for Academic Success and Accessibility Services – 203-392-5186

Angela López-Velásquez - Associate Professor / Special Education and Reading -  203-392-6648

Helen Marx - Associate Professor / Undergraduate Education Coordinator - 203-392-6654

Nilvio Perez -  Director of Admissions - 203-392-5652

Stephanie Perez – Assistant Director of Counseling Services

Jessica Powell - Assistant Professor of Education and Co-Director of the Urban Education Fellows Program - 203-392-6412

Leilannie Quintana - Coordinator for Nursing Scholarships and Early College Programs – 203-392-5042

Anna Rivera-Alfaro - Accounts Payable Coordinator - 203-392-6848

Maribel Sanchez - Associate Director of University Access Programs - 203-392-6850

Betsy Sanz – Assistant Director of Advising

Michael Schindel -  Assistant Director, Office of International Education - 203-392-5454

Eino Sierpe - Associate Professor of Information and Library Science - 203-392-6883

Meredith Sinclair - Assistant Professor of English and Co-Director of the Urban Education Fellows Program - 203-392-7048

Andrew Smyth - Professor of English - 203-392-5113

Villia Struyk - Integrated Communications & Marketing - 203-392-6591

Tracy Tyree - Vice President for Student Affairs - 203-392-5550

Faculty and Administrative Faculty Statements of Support

Faculty Senate Resolution S-2018-10
Administrative Faculty Senate Resolution AFS-2018-1