Accounting is an essential function in any business or organization because as the language of business, it is the means of communication to impart financial information to important stakeholders. As a result, students may pursue many different career paths after graduating from our program.

Public accounting careers prepare graduates to become Certified Public Accountants or CPAs. The size of CPA firms varies from large, international CPA firms to regional firms to small local accounting practices. The areas of specialty within the firm generally include audit, tax, management consulting, business valuation, and forensic accounting.  The public accounting profession exposes professionals to a variety of different businesses of various sizes across many industries including not-for-profit and governmental entities.


Learn about the requirements to become a Connecticut CPA (pdf).


Private accounting is another career path available to graduates. Here accountants are employed directly by a corporation in challenging areas which may include: internal auditing, financial accounting and reporting, management accounting, financial analysis and treasury/cash management.

Other accounting careers include governmental accounting at either the federal, state or local level. Non-profit organizations and educational institutions offer additional career paths for accounting graduates.