Learning Outcomes

  1. Upon graduation, music majors will demonstrate an understanding of styles and structures of music and will apply this knowledge through performance.
  2. Music majors will demonstrate the comprehension of the relationships among multiple traditions, the connection to social trends, histories and styles of music, art, and other disciplines.
  3. Music majors will demonstrate competencies in theoretical and aural skills through sight-singing performance, generating and analyzing harmony, creating and notating self-generated musical ideas, and the graphic dictation of aural sounds. Please note: As the ability to sight-sing and demonstrate theoretical skills through singing is crucial for all musicians, this learning outcome is applicable to all music majors, regardless of whether the student is an instrumentalist or a vocalist.
  4. Music majors will demonstrate the ability to extemporaneously compose musical ideas through improvisational performance.
  5. Members of performing ensembles will demonstrate cooperative learning and creative expression through performance.