Learning Outcomes

Undergraduate Program

Prior to graduation from a physics program at Southern, students will have developed:

  1. Quantitative Problem Solving Ability
  2. Conceptual Understanding of Core Concepts
  3. Scientific Reasoning Ability, Experimental and Research Skills
  4. Understanding of the Nature of Science
  5. Written Communication Skills
  6. Oral Presentation Skills
  7. Technological Fluency

Undergraduates finishing a program will be prepared for graduate-level education and a successful professional life.

Graduate Program

The overall student learning outcomes for the Graduate Program in Applied Physics: 

  1. The student will develop broad knowledge of physics principles and their application to current technology problems.
  2. The student will develop detailed knowledge of current management practices.
  3. The student will develop expert knowledge in one of two focus areas: (1) Materials Science/Nanotechnology, or (2) Optics/Optical Instrumentation.
  4. The student will develop the skills needed to conduct research in their chosen focus area in either the industrial or academic setting.