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To provide our students with the most up-to-date and comprehensive career development tools, the Office of Career and Professional Development offers an array of career planning services that help students decide what major to pursue, what career best suits them, or to begin the all important job search process.

FOCUS 2 is a self-paced online tool that will help you explore different career paths and select the major area of study to support your career goals. You can learn about different career opportunities and gain insight into the "day in the life" of a specific job and even compare occupations. Focus 2 helps you "focus" on what kind of major and career you may want to pursue.

Explore Your Interests with FOCUS 2 CAREER


Focus 2 Career

Career Exploration

Identify your best fit occupation options as well as college major options.

Registration for Focus 2 Career

Visit Focus 2 Career's website. New users- use your MySCSU email address to register for a new account and the access code "owls"


Focus will be most effective if you meet with a Career Counselor at the Office of Career and Professional Development to review your results. Visit us early! Freshman and sophomore year is an ideal time to begin this journey.

Watch our Career & Professional Development Focus Tool Presentation to learn more.

Exploration @ SCSU!

The importance of major exploration for ALL students.  Yes, even you!

Whether you’re totally undecided, confidently declared, or somewhere in between, you should explore your academic major options before committing fully to a major. Students who make the effort to explore are more likely to choose a major that aligns with their interests and are ultimately more successful in their studies and career outcomes.  At Southern, our goal is to provide the resources necessary for EVERY student to make an informed and meaningful major decision.  If you want to confirm your choice of major or are considering changing your major, follow the  Steps to Explore Majors, a simple process that prompts you through a complete major decision process.

Find out more about the SCSU Explore Program 

The Explore Program is a university-wide collaboration with the shared goal of helping all students make an informed academic major choice. By offering extensive resources and intentional programming, the Explore Program seeks to engage every student through thoughtful major exploration.  This is an important student success initiative, because students who take the time to explore majors are more likely to graduate, have improved academic performance and personal outcomes.

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Schedule an Appointment

Speak with an academic advisor who can help students explore majors.

Receive individualized assistance by a Career Coach with any career-related issues; including: choosing a major, career options, resume review, cover letters, and other career-related topics.

Additional Resources

Graduate Resources

  • SCSU Graduate School - Southern Connecticut's graduate studies program.
  • Kaplan Online - Extensive resources for graduate school applicants, medical and law school information, information on nursing, dental school, business, and accounting.
  • Princeton Review - Explore schools and careers, improve your scores and skills for admissions tests, and find scholarships and aid. 
  • GradSchools.com - A comprehensive online resource for graduate schools and program information.