Alexis Haakonsen

CRM Coordinator
Enrollment Management
WT 105 A

Megan Habakangas

Assistant Coach
Athletics - Field Hockey
MFH 115

Mr. Carl J. Haberfeld

Part Time Adjunct Faculty
Computer Science
MO 117

Mrs. Sedell A Hairston-Hatton

Administrative Assistant
Transfer Student Services
WT 108

Juanita Halepas

World Languages & Literatures
EN D 163 A

Ronald Hammond

Adjunct Faculty
Recreation Tourism & Sport Mgmt
HHS 289

Dr. Seungmin Han

Assistant Professor
Management / IB
SB 215

Dr. Tara Hanlon

Assistant Professor
School of Nursing
HHS 337

Mrs. Heidi Hanson

Adjunct Professor
LY B 39

Mr. Jesse Hanson

Environment, Geography & Marine Sciences
JE 333

Wendeline A Hardenberg

Instruction Coordinator
Library Buley - Research and Instruction, Library Services
BU 122 K

Jim Harding

Assistant Director of Architectural Services
Facilities Operations - Administration
FO 309

Richard Harding

University Assistant
LY B 11

Ms. Renee Harlow

Metaphilosophy Journal
EN D 222