Dr. John Iatrides

Political Science
EN C 226 A

Victoria Ibitoye

Graduate Intern
Food Pantry ( SCSU )
WT 141 A

Kaitlin Ingerick

Director of Annual Giving
OB1 108C

Brandon Iovene

Grad Intern
Sexuality & Gender Equality ( S.A.G.E. Center )
ASC 235

Jonathan Irving

Professor of Music
EA 114 A

Dr. Julia Irwin

Professor of Psychology
EN D 046

Dr. Julia Irwin

Interim Dean of School of Graduate and Professional Studies
School of Graduate and Professional Studies
BU 448

Karen Isaacs

Adjunct Faculty
EN B 231 B

Victoria Isaacson

Adjunct Faculty
Recreation Tourism & Sport Mgmt
HHS 289

Mrs. Jacqueline Isabella

CSU Administrative Operations Assistant
Academic Affairs
EN A 210

Dr. Mohammad Islam

Full Time Faculty
Computer Science
MO 115 B

Barbara Izzo

Financial Analyst
University Accounting
WT 120