Kelly Mabry, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Communication Disorders
HHS 212

Dr. James MacGregor

Professor and Chairperson
Recreation Tourism & Sport Mgmt
HHS 284

Mr. Bernard Macklin

CARE Outreach Education Vaccination Coordinator
College of Health and Human Services
HHS 382

Mr. Douglas J Macur

Assistant Professor
LY B 18

Dr. Peter R. Madonia

Associate Professor
Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
WT 123-6

Dr. Nicole Madu

Assistant Professor
Curriculum and Learning
DA 115 A

Melissa A. Mahon, M.S. CCC-SLP

Adjunct Faculty
Communication Disorders
HHS 208

Melissa Maier

Adjunct Faculty
EN B 231 B

Mr. Robert Malcolm

Environment, Geography & Marine Sciences
JE 333

Mrs. Barbara Mallick

Director, Financial Planning & Information Services
Budget & Planning
WT 135

Dr. Joseph Manzella

Emeritus Professor
EN C 027 E