Ms. Kelly Falvey

Certification Coordinator / Adjunct Faculty
EN C 205 A

Dr. Kara Faraclas

Special Education
DA 216 A

Dr. William Farley

Assistant Professor
EN C 027 B

Dr. Bonnie Farley-lucas

Communication, Media, and Screen Studies
EN B 019 P

Mr. Terrence Fay

Adjunct Instructor of Low Brass
EA 114 A

Dr. Marybeth H Fede

Associate Professor
Health & Movement Sciences
JE 128 E

James Fedorchak

Director of Catering
Food Services - Catering Services
CO 038

Ms. Rochelle Felix

UAP Advocate
University Access Programs
EN B 018 G

Duncan Ferguson

Food Services - Connecticut Hall
CT 009

Ms. Marisa Ferraro

Assistant Professor
Curriculum and Learning
DA 209 F

Suzanne Ferrera-Shaw

Recreation Tourism & Sport Mgmt
OB1 108

Mr. Vincent N Ferrie

Assistant Director
Lyman Center
LY 105