Dr. Marie Nabbout-Cheiban

Interim Associate Dean
College of Education
DA 103 A

Dr. Lisa Nakamura

Adjunct Faculty
EN C 205 A

Robert Naples

Facilities Operations - Carpentry
FO 112

Ms. Carol M Negri

Collection Agent
Student Accounts Office
WT 118

Donald Nelson

Facilities Operations - Electrical
FO 218

Tonya B Nelson

Administrative Assistant
University Police
GR 08

Donald Neznek

Facilities Operations - Locksmith
FO 235

Dr. Khoa Nguyen

Assistant Professor of Finance
SB 225

Mr. Brian R Nill

Asst. M / W Track Coach
Athletics - Men's Track & Cross Country
MFH 107

Georgette Nixon

Asst Coach
Athletics - Women's Track & Field Cross Country
MFH 107

Lionel Nixon

Facilities Operations - Custodial

Dr. Michael Nizhnikov

Assistant Professor of Psychology
EN D 040