Dr. Mary Jo Archambault

Associate Professor / Coordinator of Recreational Therapy Programs
Recreation Tourism & Sport Mgmt
HHS 278

Dr. Diane M. Ariza, PhD

Vice President
Diversity and Equity Programs
EN A 215 D

Mr. Kyle Armour

Asst. Coach
Athletics - Men's Football
MFH 250

Tracey Arnold

Assistant Professor
HHS 325

Camryn Arpino-Brown

University Access Programs
EN B 018

Mrs. Jamie Marie K Aschenbach

Head of Access Services
Library Buley - Circulation
BU 112 B

Dr. James Aselta

Assoc. Professor
SB 209

Mr. Kyle Augustine

University Access Programs
EN B 027 B

Karina Aviles

University Access Programs
EN B 018 D

Dr. Stephen J Axon

Environment, Geography & Marine Sciences
JE 327

Dr. Robert S Axtell

Professor & Graduate Coordinator
Health & Movement Sciences
HHS 175

Kauther Badr, Esq., MBA

Assistant Professor
Management / IB
BU 441

Dr. Sara J Baker

Communication, Media, and Screen Studies
EN B 019 Q

Carolyn Baker

Applied Lessons Coordinator
EA 120