Expect More. Be More. Southern.

Success begins with mindset. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't -- you're right.” Our growth is challenged primarily by the limits of our expectations.

Southern empowers learners to find depth, purpose, and meaning in their education. We are the (west) rock students can build a life on.

Expect more from Southern.

When we expect more from our university, we put ourselves on track to compete, grow and improve as an institution. We remain growth-focused.

Expect more from yourself.

Before we can holistically embrace our role as an engine for personal, intellectual, and professional transformation, we must apply these transformative values to our own lives. We must model that which we wish to impart.

Expect more from your students.

It is our job to create, live and pass on the expectation that we can, and should, always be working to be more. By developing students’ strengths, helping them seize career-focused opportunities, and showing them how to seek out and form strong bonds within the Southern community, our students will find they are capable of so much more than they have yet to expect.

We expect more, so we can be more.

With a new president and administration, Southern is playing a greater role in the New Haven community. We demand social inclusion in the goals we set out to complete and expect fulfillment of our institutional mission. The university is ready to build on its past successes and focus even more on students, scholarship, partnerships, and social justice.

Southern embraces its role as an engine for transformation. Our growth begins with self-awareness…