As an urban regional public university, Southern is committed to improving student equity and access without compromising achievement. Our faculty offer cutting-edge curricula and inclusive research opportunities in a variety of innovative fields, providing undergraduate students with a graduate-level experience at a competitive price.

Southern Is Leading the Way.

... in sustainability and climate action.

 Our unique location on Long Island Sound makes Southern the ideal place to confront the most pressing issues facing our planet.

... in health and wellness.

Providing in-demand, highly trained professionals for Connecticut’s healthcare workforce is what we do best. And now we have the in-house learning and training facilities to match.

... in Autism research, training and resources.

Navigating through the challenges presented by Autism Spectrum Disorders can be daunting. But at Southern's Center for Excellence in Autism, we are making a difference.

... in arts, culture and media studies.

Studying in New Haven, a city with more than 1,200 college students, comes with lots of benefits including access to some of the nation’s leading organizations in the visual and performing arts, cultural heritage and preservation, and the public humanities.

... In developing scholar athletes.

Our athletes are driven by passion and fueled by determination. We are proud to be the only public university in the NCAA Division II NE-10 conference.

... in ethical business innovation.

Our strong, collaborative programs with engaged alumni and the local business community ensure that we understand real business needs, fostering problem-solving skills in real-world settings.