Visual Identity

Southern's logo is the primary graphic identifier for the University. But visual identity encompasses more than a logo. Color palette, fonts, and other design tools, all have a role in representing Southern's personality and addressing its audience. By using these assets, campus clients are reinforcing the visual brand of SCSU and communicating our image to a wide audience, including current and prospective students, their families, alumni and the general public.


The primary use of the SCSU institutional logo is to graphically identify the university. The logo is available exclusively for all campus community members. Using the logo while following these guidelines helps reinforce SCSU’s visual identity. As the primary graphic identifier, the SCSU logo must be used on all publications that circulate outside of the university. Including the logo on internal communications also helps to reinforce Southern’s visual brand.

Logo Style Guide

Colors and Usage

The university logo must be reproduced as a whole in one color only, using either Pantone Reflex Blue or its color model equivalent, or using black or white. The logo may be reversed out of a color or an image (used as white) only when the contrast is significant enough to be readable.

The university’s brand color is Pantone Reflex Blue. In addition to the brand color, additional colors are used to add complementary and contrasting color to marketing collateral. Primary colors are used in larger proportion while secondary colors are mainly used as accent colors.




Marylou Conley
Coordinator of Graphic Services