Extended Orientation Experiences

Whether you’re looking to get a head start on the first semester or would like to immerse yourself in a fun and enriching experience in the first few weeks of the semesters, these opportunities may be for you! Take a look at our Fall 2022 Extended Orientation experiences. More information will be available for our Fall 2023 experiences in the spring semester.

Pre-Semester Experiences

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Are you looking to ease the transition from high school to college?  The Summer Institute offers students the ability to take control of their first year while also gaining the skills that all students need to be successful in every class at Southern.

First-year students have an initial math placement based either on your ALEKS placement assessment or on your SAT or ACT scores.  Your score places you in MAT 100P, Introductory and Intermediate Algebra.  This course is designed to strengthen students' algebra skills and covers content that you may have seen in high school algebra courses.  MAT 100P counts as 3 elective credits towards graduation and is a prerequisite for the math course(s) that are required for a variety of majors.  The purpose of the optional math portion of the August workshop is to provide targeted support to students who would like get an early start on MAT 100P.

Come meet campus partners, learn skills, and develop habits that will help you be successful in your first year and beyond for free. We can’t wait to see you in the Summer Institute in August, when you can immerse yourself in the Southern community and meet a network of people on campus who will become your personal support team.

Please note that the Summer Institute is free of charge.   

If you have questions before registering, please e-mail Sterling White, Associate Director of Success Coaching and Programming, at whites31@southernct.edu

Testimonials from Summer Institute Alum

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I gave a five-star rating because the Summer Institute prepares a freshman for this new experience. They answer any questions you can have and inform us with all the resources we could possibly need. The Summer Institute is an amazing opportunity and I really enjoyed participating in it. I feel prepared for my first year and know where to turn to for help.

I really enjoyed participating in it. I feel prepared for my first year and know where to turn to for help.

I loved the summer institute. It was a great program that helped to understand what to expect for my first year of college.

I liked being with mentors and other students. It made me feel closer to Southern and I was happy about it.

I liked the workshops, especially the ones during the second and third week. I think they were super helpful and made me feel more secure on the resources made available for us.

It was very helpful and if you were ever confused about something there was always someone to help you out.

I couldn’t have had a great semester without the summer-institute program, honestly! It taught me a lot and helped me help others with the information I learned.

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The First-Year Student Leadership Experience (FLEX) Program is a pre-college experience that runs three consecutive days before New Owl Welcome (NOW). The pre-college experience allows participants to meet and make connections with a diverse group of peers prior to classes beginning. During the program, participants will explore and participate in meaningful leadership experiences, interact with current student leaders, faculty, and staff, and discuss topics that will help you succeed at the university. FLEX will explore topics such as values, relationships, personal and professional goal setting, diversity, and much more.

This program is a great first step into a leadership experience at SCSU! This program is provided at no cost to students or families.

Hosted by Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Development

In-Semester Experiences

Commuter Connection

Attention Commuters!
Meet other first-year commuters for fun weekly experiences which will include a variety of different activities that will be based on YOUR interests. Throughout the first 6 weeks of the semester, you will be able to attend football games, go to escape rooms, see movies, and other fun activities! Each participant will receive a commemorative gift at the end of the program.
Hosted by Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Development

Explore New Haven

New Haven is a great city for college students to be a part of. This program is a fantastic way to spend time with your peers and see the best that New Haven has to offer! Join Orientation, Transition & Family Engagement on exploring the incredible culture, art, and nature of New Haven including museums, restaurants, and hiking trails while meeting other first-year students. Throughout the first 6 weeks of the semester. These weekly adventures will most likely be held on Friday afternoons after 3 pm but will be decided by group consensus. Learn more about the city you now live in!
Hosted by Orientation, Transition & Family Engagement