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This workshop series follows the internship and job search process from beginning to end to give you a thorough overview of the many aspects of starting your career. And, for the first time, most of these workshops will be led by your peers. The first workshop is Exploring Career Opportunities, then moves into Resumes, Cover Letters/Emails, The Accounting and Finance Career Fair, Business Communication Do's & Dont's, and Applying for an Internship or Job -- and that's just in the fall semester! In the spring semester, the series continues with Mock Interviews, the Annual Etiquette Dinner, Negotiating, and concludes with future Career Management.

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Exploring Career Opportunities

September 22, 2017, 1:00pm - 2:00pm
School of Business - Room 020B

Want to get ahead of the pack? In this workshop we discuss proactive ways to find an internship/job that you may never have thought of.

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