Advising is required prior to registration each semester to allow students the opportunity to discuss their academic progress with a teaching faculty member, to understand how to read their degree evaluation, select proper courses, review their career path, assess their goals and address any academic concerns or issues. After meeting with an advisor, you will receive an alternate registration PIN# that is used to access the registration system.

**Keep in mind that this PIN# changes every semester. Students are required to meet with their major faculty advisor every semester (usually around midterm) for advisement and their new alternate registration PIN.

First-Year Advising

Current Business Majors that are enrolled in INQ 101 this Spring 2020 semester will be advised and given their alternate registration PIN # by their INQ professor.

Tricia Regan has been a professional academic advisor from SCSU's Academic Advising Center for the past 27 years.

The population of students she works with:

  • Newly accepted FA '20 transfer business majors.
  • Current SCSU Business Majors/Exploratory Business Majors whose overall GPA is below a 2.0.
  • Part-time non-matriculated students who are eventually hoping to declare BUS as a major when in good academic standing.

To schedule an appointment, email Trish directly at

Summer 2020

The SCSU Summer 2020 schedule of classes will be viewable online on March 3, 2020.

**Online registration for Summer 2020 courses at SCSU begins March 20, 2020.

No alternate registration PIN is required, but be sure to consult your advisor prior to registering for Summer classes.

If you are a current SCSU student looking to take a course(s) outside of SCSU and transfer that course(s) back to SCSU, BE SURE to consult with your faculty advisor first. A Transfer Credit Request form is required via the SCSU Registrar's Office prior to your taking any classes outside of SCSU.

Visit the Transfer Credit Request form.

Fall 2020 Advisement and Registration

The Fall 2020 schedule of classes will be viewable online on March 3, 2020.

All Business majors should reach out to their faculty advisor in their Business concentration to schedule their FA ’20 advising appt anytime on or around 3/3/20, depending on their ava

Your faculty advisor’s name is listed on the top left corner of your online degree evaluation.

**Every BUS faculty advisor has a different way they prefer their advisees to connect w them for advising. Some prefer to schedule advising appts via the Navigate system, some prefer via email, some prefer walk-in during office hours. **

Visit the calendar of important registration dates.

If your degree evaluation does not list an assigned advisor, please contact the appropriate department:

Changing Concentrations or Switching Majors

If you are a current SCSU BUS major and would like to change your concentration or switch to another major, please complete the Selection of Degree Program form.