STEM Centers and Offices

Center for Research on Interface Structures and Phenomena (CRISP)

The Education and Outreach (EO) program is an essential part of the CRISP MRSEC located at Yale and SCSU. CRISP offers activities that promote the interdisciplinary and innovative aspects of materials science to a diverse group of participants. The objective of the program is to enhance the education of future scientists, science teachers, K-12 students, parents, and the general public.

STEM Leadership Institute

The STEM Leadership Institute is designed to provide school leaders and educators with STEM professional development activities, STEM resources and transformative STEM learning experiences they need to implement effective strategies for improving STEM education for all K-12 students. The STEM Leadership Institute engages participants in hands-on STEM activities and offers collaborative learning opportunities for school leaders and teachers to participate in a STEM leadership network.

CSCU Center for Nanotechnology

The mission of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities Center for Nanotechnology (CSCU CNT) is to foster collaborative, interdisciplinary research and educational initiatives/programs in micro- and nanotechnology with the goal of enhancing Connecticut’s workforce competitiveness in nanotechnology and materials science. The Center builds upon existing collaborations with Yale University, University of Connecticut, and the Connecticut Community Colleges to create programs enhancing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education for the CSCU community and beyond.

Center for Excellence and Mathematics (CEMS)

The mission of the Center for Excellence in Mathematics and the Sciences is to foster outstanding teaching and research in the various fields of math and science through the enhancement of existing campus initiatives and through effective collaborations between math and science faculty in K-16, with the goal of increasing the number and quality of students pursuing careers in math and science.

The Werth Center for Coastal and Marine Studies

The efforts of the faculty, staff and students associated with the Werth Center for Coastal and Marine Studies (WCCMS) at Southern Connecticut State University focus on coastal and marine research and education along Connecticut's urbanized coast and harbors. The WCCMS provides a means for faculty and students from throughout the Connecticut State University System to participate in collaborative and interdisciplinary research and education projects.

SCSU Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability at Southern Connecticut State University connects students, faculty, and staff with the information, people, and tools they need to make our campus more sustainable.

Research Center on Values in Emerging Science and Technology (RC-Vest)

The Research Center on Values in Emerging Science and Technology focuses on issues located at the intersection of science and values as implemented in emerging technologies. The center, comprised of faculty members from SCSU, meets regularly to discuss cutting edge issues that arise in technology, medicine, and science. One important purpose of the center is to bring together scientific information and ethical implications, as efforts to bring ethical based discussions into scientific classrooms have begun. Additionally, RC-VEST hosts an annual roundtable discussion focused on one particular topic as well as an annual speaker series, in an effort to bring scholars together to discuss and advance the issues. Research done by the members of the center focus on topics such as computer ethics and biomedical ethics. The Research Center's future projects will include active participation of faculty members from a number of disciplines at SCSU and other Connecticut universities.