Areas of Research

Welcome! This page outlines some of the active STEM-related research areas at SCSU, the faculty leading the listed research efforts, and how students can get involved.  Please contact the listed faculty directly to learn more.

Biology, Biotechnology and Genomics

The Biology Faculty maintains active research programs in a wide range of areas within the Biological Sciences.  Research projects may be undertaken for credit or may receive funding through grants organizations.

Biotechnology is applied molecular and cellular biology, and students will master a broad range of lab skills applicable to biology and biotechnology, including applied research skills at an advanced level that will prepare them for a career or graduate studies in molecular biology, biotechnology, & bioscience fields like medicine.   To learn more, please contact Dr. Nicholas Edgington in Biology. 


Chemistry Department has active research in biochemistry, analytical / environmental chemistry, inorganic / organometallic chemistry, organic chemistry, chemistry education, physical / computational chemistry, instrumental chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and chemical genomics. Please also read about the Traveling Chemist.  

Psychology, Cognition & Neuroscience

Psychology Department has active research in behavioral neuroscience and animal behavior, clinical and affective science, cognitive and developmental psychology, social and applied-social psychology, personality and lifespan psychology, health and workplace psychology.

Science and Values

The Research Center on Values in Emerging Science and Technology (RC-VEST) focuses on issues located at the intersection of science and values as implemented in emerging technologies, such as issues regarding scientific values, computing technology, scientific technologies, scientific practices, and human values.  Member’s collaborated to produce interdisciplinary research on topics such as bioethics, medical ethics, the history of science, computer ethics, issues surrounding big data, etc. To become involved in the Research Center on Values in Emerging Science and Technology, please contact Dr. Sarah Roe (

Marine and Coastal Studies 

SCSU is centrally located along the heavily urbanized Connecticut coastline proximate to a variety of diverse natural habitats. This setting provides excellent opportunities for research and education focused on human development and preservation of these natural habitats. The efforts of the faculty, staff, and students associated with the Werth Center for Coastal and Marine Studies (WCCMS) focus on coastal and marine research and education along Connecticut's urbanized coast and harbors.  The WCCMS provides a means for faculty and students from throughout the Connecticut State University System to participate in collaborative and interdisciplinary research and education projects. 


SCSU is nationally recognized by the Princeton Review and Sierra Magazine since 2014 for campus greening.   As a chapter signatory of the national Climate Leadership Commitment for colleges and universities and the We Are Still In declaration, SCSU is committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions in operations, and fostering climate resilience and sustainable practices on campus and as part of a broader community.  Please visit the Office of Sustainability website and contact the Director Ms. Suzie Huminski to learn about the latest initiatives. 

Astronomy & Astrophysics 

Interested in structure and evolution of the Milky Way Galaxy, exoplanets and their host stars, binary stars as probes of star and planet formation and structure?   This research group led by Prof. Elliott Horch and Dr. Dana Casetti welcomes your involvement.  Their current projects include astronomical instrumentation, galactic dynamics, intensity interferometry, and speckle imaging surveys of low-mass stars and exoplanet hosts.  Please contact Dr. Horch and Dr. Casetti to learn more about research opportunities. 

Material Science

SCSU houses the CT State Colleges and Universities Center of Nanotechnology (CSCU-CNT) with many active research areas involving advanced materials and nanostructures for microelectronics and optoelectronics, scanning probe and electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction and spectroscopy, nanoscale friction/adhesion (nanotribology) through the manipulation of nanoparticles, high-resolution scanning probe microscopy, biomedical imaging and spectroscopy, magnetism, correlated many-body systems, numerical methods, properties of polymers, thin-film and nanoparticle deposition using pulsed laser deposition, and spectroscopy of materials.  This research program actively invites students to participate in the Industry Academic Fellowship each summer.  Please contact CSCU-CNT, Dr. Christine Broadbridge and Dr. Matthew Enjalran to learn more.

Particle Physics

If you want to learn more about experimental high energy and nuclear physics, testing fundamental symmetries of physical laws, high-sensitivity searches for exotic particles, and particle astrophysics, please contact Dr. Evan Finch in Physics.