STEM-IL Events

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Upcoming Events that may be of interest to STEM students

Fall 2021

Fall Faculty Tapas- November 22nd, 2021

Ever wonder what your professors do outside of class? Learn about our faculty's innovative research and professional activities over tapas!

Spring 2021

Spring Faculty Tapas- March 21st, 2022

Ever wonder what your professors do outside of class? Learn about our faculty's innovative research and professional activities over tapas!

Bioscience Career Forum-April 8th, 2022

Southern Connecticut State University, The Connecticut State Colleges and Universities, and the Jackson Laboratory invite you to the:

Bioscience Careers Forum CONNECTICUT Shaping the Future of Healthcare: The Role of Innovation in Rapid Technology Development

VIRTUAL BIOSCIENCE CAREERS FORUM Technology, Healthcare and Business: Collaborating to Improve Human Health Save the Date! 2022 Bioscience Careers Forum Friday, April 8, 2022

Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference- April 30th, 2022

Undergraduates at any level who have been working on a project over the past year are encouraged to present either a short talk, roundtable discussion, or a poster describing their work. Creative works including art installations, theatrical performances, and music, will also be presented. The day will celebrate the many kinds of research and creative activity that our undergraduates have done this year!


Graduate Research and Creativity Conference- May 2nd, 2022

This conference was created to highlight graduate student research, help students gain professional development experience, and to form an interdisciplinary community among SCSU graduate students and faculty. The presentations highlighted in this conference demonstrate the diverse scope of subjects engaged by students from many disciplines. 


Past Events

1st Annual Werth Pitch Competition

Date: April 10th, 2021, 12-2 pm EST

Have you ever had an idea for a business or invention in your field and wanted to do more? Do you like to watch Shark Tank? Have you ever thought "why isn't this a thing, it would make my life so much easier"? Join the Office of STEM-IL for a day of business exploration, STEM innovation, and business development. Share your idea or research with us and earn prizes, meet mentors, and network with fellow students and colleagues. This is an amazing chance to get your business or idea off of the ground.

Students can pitch a business or product, or compete in one of our specialized tracks:

  • Sustainability- have the next big idea to make our world more sustainable? Tell us about it!
  • Research- Show off your science communication skills and practice for the Undergraduate and Graduate Research Competitions. Best Presentations will win!
  • Club and Community Building- Have an idea to make your club experience better or build community at SCSU? Pitch us a pizza party or even a parade!

register here.

Pitch Slam with Yale and UCONN

Date: March 25th, 7 pm

Calling all Southern, UConn and Yale students! This pitch slam is a safe (virtual) space to nourish new ideas. In-the-moment epiphanies are highly encouraged. Polish won’t win you prestige at this event. But make it quick: the three-minute time limit and one-slide presentation will be strictly enforced!

Share your brilliant idea with the world—whether you need team members, feedback, or you just want to practice presenting and test out a nascent idea risk-free. All ideas are welcome and wanted, regardless of how fleshed out, feasible, or funky they are. Test the concept for your someday TED talk, share your secret theory, pitch your unfundable-but-the-world-needs-it business ideas, found a support group, bare your soul—get creative.

Pre-event registration slots are limited but have no fear; we are saving time at the end of the pitch slam for spontaneous pitches and creating a waitlist to prioritize those who didn’t make the cutoff at our next pitch slam. Sign up to pitch here or watch here!

Design Thinking: New Ways to Problem Solve

Date: February 26th, 1pm-5pm

Join the Office of STEM-IL as we aid students to introduce creative and innovative ways to problem solve. This Design-Thinking Workshop, funded by the Werth Family Foundation, will help students apply human-centered techniques to solve problems in a creative and innovative way. As students participate in this short course, they will develop innovative solutions to individual designs and professional goals. Students will learn how to center empathy in problem-solving, and thoroughly understanding problems before designing solutions. 

This course has limited registration.

Sign up for this workshop here!

Communicating Value Workshop

Date: March 5th, 2021, 1pm - 5pm

How would you talk about your project or idea without getting off topic? How do you make sure you hit all the correct points that investors want to hear?

Join the Office of STEM-IL as we introduce participants to value propositions and communicating value! This workshop, funded by the Werth Family Foundation, will help students understand how to communicate at a faster, more effective pace when attempting to deliver their research/project ideas.

More importantly, this workshop will aid students in determining what is/what is not essential to their pitches.

This course has limited registration.

Sign up for this workshop here!


Virtual Event with Alexion Pharmaceuticals with the SCSU Chemistry Honor Society and the Biotechnology Club 

Date: March 19th, 3-4 pm

RSVP Here and Access the Event Here

Alexion is a pharmaceutical company with headquarters located in Boston, MA and a division of the company located in New Haven, CT. Join us March 19th, from 3-4pm for a presentation and discussion on small molecules, biologics, and medications currently and previously developed at Alexion and what it is like to work in the industry. 

Our speakers will be:

  • Dr. Krista Johnson- Director of Exploratory and Translational Research

  • Dr. Justin Burt- Director of Synthetic Process Development 

  • Sushil Abraham- Vice President of Drug Substance Process Development from Alexion Pharmaceuticals. 

Moreover, we are doing a raffle for those who attended the event. One attendee will win a SCSU Chemistry Mask!


Industry Support: Replacing Start-Up Weekend

Want to pitch but feeling like your idea needs support or feedback? Funded by the Werth Family Foundation, STEM-IL is pleased to announce an opportunity to have your idea evaluated by industry consultants. This is a chance for students to invest all things learned in our previous workshops to help them bring their ideas to the next level.

Don’t have an idea and want to come up with one from scratch? Industry mentors from Mindtrust Labs will review your ideas and give meaningful feedback.

Email to reserve a spot