Core Values & Goals

Our office is a connecting hub across many SCSU departments and STEM-related disciplines, other regional colleges and universities, school districts, regional offices of education, government agencies, business corporations, and our communities.

Our focus is on building pathways and pipelines to promote learning and innovative problem-solving in STEM-related areas.  Our work is guided by our core values and goals.

Our CORE values:

  C – Community of Practice in STEM-related areas

  O – Outreach among and beyond STEM disciplines

  R – Research and Innovative Problem Solving

  E – Educating world citizens and leaders of tomorrow

Our Goals

  1. Provide infrastructure supporting SCSU Centers of Excellence;

  2. Facilitate and promote innovations in undergraduate and graduate STEM teaching and research;

  3. Build and support interdisciplinary teams of SCSU faculty and students to conduct STEM research and education projects;

  4. Facilitate and promote entrepreneurial initiatives via cross university and industry collaboration

  5. Research, develop, and incubate new certificate, degree, and professional development training programs;

  6. Strengthen professional relationships and coordinate outreach to regional industry;

  7. Develop, coordinate, and promote new and existing STEM-related public outreach to the Southern Connecticut region;

  8. Develop and maintain a STEM resource center for in-service & pre-service teachers, SCSU faculty, industry volunteers and other local stakeholders;

  9. Enhance teaching and learning of STEM for pre-service and in-service teachers;

  10. Provide resources and expertise in STEM education research to SCSU faculty, students and the community.