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Title IX Meets ADA: The Case of Autism

Friday, April 17, 2020 10 am - 12 pm
Discussion via online meeting
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Join us on Friday, April 17, for a discussion facilitated by Jane Brown, Ed.D., Director of College Autism Spectrum, Yale School of Medicine, Ellen B. Keane, J.D., and Fred Volkmar, MD, Center Director. 

Behavior and conduct issues get increasingly complicated when students with autism are involved. Though a small number of college students with autism will have conduct issues on campus, complex social understanding can necessitate accommodations while retaining the integrity of conduct codes. This discussion will center on the nature of the issues while attempting to reconcile diverse perspectives of the ADA and Title IX.

The Changing Face of Autism: A Developmental Perspective

Friday, April 10, 2020 12:00-1:00 PM
Discussion via online meeting

 A discussion with Fred Volkmar, M.D., Goodwin Family Professor and Director, SCSU Center for Excellence on Autism Spectrum Disorders and Harris Professor, Child Study Center, Yale University School of Medicine.

Important changes have emerged over the last several decades in the long- term outcome of autism, with more adults able to achieve personal independence and self-sufficiency. Many students are now attending college and entering the work force, which has led to more opportunities for adolescents and adults, but has also underscored some of the challenges they and their families face.
This presentation will review factors that have contributed to improved outcome, including earlier diagnosis and improved intervention. Changes in outcome in relation to individual characteristics, models of intervention, and other variables will be summarized. Issues of co-morbidity; challenges for transitions to college, work, and personal lives; and areas of current needs will be identified.

Below, you can find the slides and an audio recording of the presentation:

The Changing Face of Autism Slides

The Changing Face of Autism Audio Recording


Youth on the Autism Spectrum: Jobs, College and Beyond

The Centers of Excellence on Autism Spectrum Disorders at Southern Connecticut State University & Yale University hosted a conference on October 27, 2019 at Southern Connecticut State University. Speakers included: Jane Brown, Peter Gerhardt, Gary Mayerson, John Miller, Fred Volkmar, Ernst Vanbergeijk, Michael Storz, Barbara Cook, Kimberly Bean, and others.

As part of ReelAbilities Film Festival, two film shorts on ASD (Bumblees & Autism in Love) were shown during lunch.


Below you will find selected presentations from the Conference: